Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Did you notice?

Did you notice to my right?  I finally did it.  I finally opened a shop!  I need to support my crazy crafting habit somehow.  I thought I better hurry up and do it because I made Christmas pajamas to sell and I don't think anyone will want them if I had waited until after Christmas to do it! ;o)

So as a big thank you to everyone who visits my silly blog and leaves nice comments and everything I wanted to offer you a 15% discount on anything in the shop until December 15th, just enter the promo code POSIES.  Here's some of the things you will find...

and there will be lots more of these little things as well...
some candy cane striped ones...
and of course lots of flat out girly ones...
they're not your average pants...they have ruffles!  Everything is better with ruffles!

I have a lot more to add to the shop that is already made but I still need to take pictures and upload them.  I decided all those Etsy sellers earn every penny they get.  By the time you go pick out fabric, make the thing, take pictures, load it to Etsy and once it sells box it up and mail it off, I think I will have made more money per hour back in my babysitting days! Ha ha!  Just kidding...kind of. :o)  Even with all that said I am super excited!

Thanks for all your support!

Don't forget your 15% off code.  Go take a peek at the shop HERE.
Ok, it's wayyyyy past my bedtime!  Until next time.


Vanessa said...

congrats on your new shop!! you are right-it IS hard work but so fun :)

Lil Man and Mommy said...

So super cute. Makes me want a girl one day :)

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