Monday, November 15, 2010

Living Room Makeover: Before and After

I just got back from visiting my family and I thought I would share my mom's living room overhaul she did a while back.  I couldn't find much of a before picture.  These two pictures were the best I could find.  You'll have to try hard to look past the adorable cowboy in the picture and just focus on the old style, matchy-matchy stuff in the room.

 This one was taken Christmas day after we opened presents and made a mess of the place!
 And here is the after...
 Ta da!!! Love it!

All the decor before was not at all her style and hadn't been for a long, long time but it's hard to get rid of something when it's still in perfect condition.  It just seems wasteful.  That's why I love KSL Classifieds (if only more people in Southern UT would use it) and Craigslist.  Your unwanted stuff is bound to be someone else's style no matter how old it is.  She sold eveything in the room on KSL and used that money to redecorate.  She only spent $500.00 out of pocket which isn't a lot when you look at all the furniture and accessories she got.  The only thing that isn't new in the room is the tree in the corner.
The leather chairs she found on KSL.  They were brand new. Overstock's warehouse is in Salt Lake and sometimes they sell some of their stuff on KSL and that's where she got the chairs and the coffee table.  She also saved on pillows by making many of them herself.
 She found the armoire from KSL as well. It was originally a plain oak and so she painted and scuffed it up a bit.  If you hadn't already noticed from the before picture, she has crazy high ceilings so to bring some coziness to the room she brought the ceiling down by adding some molding and filled it in with the same chocolate-y paint color used on the other walls.
 She got the couch for a really good deal and found the clock at Tai Pan on the damaged isle (my favorite isle in the whole store) for 75% because some of the paint chipped off.  She just added some paint on top and you would never be able to tell.  The little chest of drawers was cheap because it's laminate so she got out her trusty can of spray paint and gave it a more custom look.  My favorite part of the room has to be that awesome paint job on that wall.  She used a faux painting technique called Bellagio.  Here you can find out how to do it yourself.  It looks amazing and it's pretty easy!
 It gives a really cool texture to the room as well.
 Directly across the room is the front entrance where she hung a cool antique barn window (also found on KSL) and used it as a frame to hold pictures of all her grandkids.
I think she did an amazing job, don't you? Next I'll have to show you her kitchen makeover she just finished while I was there.  I will be linking up to some of these places check them out for more ideas.


Hurst Family said...

Wow! It looks great! You gals want to come over and decorate my house??

Melissa said...

This is really beautiful!! I love the red and warm and inviting:) I love how "less is more" too in this well decorated without a lot of junk. Great job!

Spunky Junky said...

Wow! The room looks amazing! I love the added touch of flowers and garland around the room. So coool!


jodi@Pleasant-Home said...

What a great transformation!

Lisa said...

Love the paint treatment on the wall! What a great transformation and I love your blog too!

DANA said...

That is awesome! I would love for you to come link up at the Strut your Stuff Party!

Chris said...

The makeover is amazing. What a fun transformation to share. Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday.

Diane said...

Looks fantastic! What a change, it has inspired me.

Erin said...

It looks wonderful!! I think we have very similar taste...warm, but not cluttered. Great job!!! :)

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