Monday, August 30, 2010

Desk, Before and After


So I bought this ugly old desk from the D.I. for $10.00. I know what some of you may be thinking, "That's one ugly desk, you spent too much!" As we were loading it into our truck the bottom half of one side of it just fell off, but I was still determined that it would be cute with some hammering, a little bit (ok a lot) of sanding, priming, paint, and elbow grease! I think it ended up so cute and I had to show some pictures.

I love my "new" desk. I gave it the distressed look by roughing it up with some sandpaper. I think my neighbors got a kick out of watching me being hugely pregnant (ok, maybe not that huge, I only lasted 33 weeks) working on this thing in my garage all day, bending over at that point wasn't exactly easy.

Notice my $4.00 chair I also found at the D.I. You gotta love a good deal. I really love it when something that was once so ugly can turn into something cute. I found this website where it's full of before and after photos a while back, it's called Better After. Click HERE to check it out. I think I could sit here for hours looking at all that kind of stuff. I can be such a nerd!


Anonymous said...

Really great desk makeover! It looks beautiful and super updated with just paint and distressing! I know what it's like to be doing major projects pregnant! My husband and i stripped all the ceilings in our house while I was 7 months. He wanted to kill me for wanting it done, but I was pregnant and just couldn't live with the ceilings anymore! What an adventure that was.

Tashia said...

That looks great! I've been looking for a desk just like that to redo, but am not having much luck! I'm jealous!

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