Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Itty Bitty Mermaid, Kinley's Halloween Costume

McKinley was a little mermaid for Halloween.  Notice, I didn't say the little mermaid, that would require her to actually wear the red wig I got for her that for some reason she is completely terrified of.  If she even sees it, she cries.
Wouldn't this picture of her sitting on a rock be perfect if the rock was in the middle of the ocean and not in the middle of my backyard?  If only I had some good photoshop skills and wasn't lazy! I used this wonderful tutorial from Elegant Bloggery for her tail.  It was really fast to make.  The part that took the longest was adding the fray check.

I never did get a good shot of her standing up to show you the tail. This picture shows the front but was taken before I decided to cinch the tube top in the middle and add a little bling (not to draw attention to her cleavage or anything :0).  I also got some tan dye to color the onesie to make it look more like skin but I never got around to actually doing it!

I just had to post this picture because I have a big case of momma pride.  I love this beautiful, blue-eyed girl and have a hard time resisting posting hundreds of pictures because in each one she's doing a slightly different smile or whatever (I know, I know she is totally my first and only child!). ;o)  Don't worry.  I don't want to turn into one of those people you pass by that pulls you in and takes out their wallet and forces you to sit through hours of looking through family photos.  I will try and resist and only post a few!  I hope you had a happy Halloween!


Marisa Hopkins said...

SO cute!! I love how you made a matching top for her! Thanks so much for sharing your photos! :)

~ Marisa

Emily said...

Hi Kelli,
Found your blog this morning, and your stuff is seriously stinkin' cute!!! I got oodles of ideas that I want to try out now!!! -Now for the time!!! lol.
And McKinely is stinkin' adorable as well!!!! ;) Hopefully someday I will have a little daughter to make stuff for!!! For now I just have to donate everything to others who have little ppl to dress up....
So ya... Hope you have a great day!!! :)
-Emily W.

Elaine said...

I must confess, I am so happy you haven't blogged for a few days! I always feel like I have these looong pauses between posts, so I'm grateful that happens at your house,too!

Hurst Family said...

I'd be okay with a gagillion pictures of that precious little one. :)

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