Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blog swap with Amy from Naptime Crafters

I am thrilled to have Amy here from Naptime Crafters.  You have to go check out her blog to see all the cute Halloween costumes she made for her family.  Here's Amy...

Wow I'm excited to be blog swapping with Kelli- she is so creative! I really can't get enough :)

I'm Amy and I blog over at naptime crafters. I'd love to have you come visit:) I'm a SAHM to my adorable little miss. During her very brief naps I love to bust out the craft supplies and get busy!! Here's our latest- little miss helped:) 

  • Halloween Paper
  • Black Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Googly Eyes
  • Tacky Glue
  • Chubby little hand:)
1. Prepare your work area. I started with a big piece of orange paper in case it took more than one try: surprisingly it didn't- I seriously couldn't believe it!! Make sure you protect your work surface too

I also stripped little miss down just in case and threw an old t-shirt on to protect my clothes too
2. Paint your kiddo's fingers on one hand- try not to get the thumb since you won't need it.
3. Make 2 hand prints on your orange paper. I repainted her hand in between. Try not to worry about those little smudges- you know grandma will love them:)
4. Paint in a black spider body.

5. Let your spider dry and then cut it out- I decided on a pretty wonky shape. Add some googly eyes with a bit of tacky glue. Add your spider cutout to a folded pieces of Halloween cardstock and you're done.

*If you want to stick this cutey in the mail I think it takes extra postage since it's not flat...
Happy Halloween! Looking for some more fall fun? You can find these Halloween projects over at naptime crafters:

Paper Plate Skeleton

Mr. Pumpkin Toy

Candy Corn Ruffle Tee

Cheerleader Costume

Halloween Finger Puppets

Thanks so much Kelli- it was a blast!!

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