Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm "shirr" crazy and other crafty stuff to make

That just might be the cheesiest title I've ever done. I just learned how to shirr and now I want to shirr everything! I made this little top for McKinley. Shirring is really easy although I must admit it took me a while to get the tension on my sewing machine right and the thread kept getting jammed over and over again until I got it just perfect and after that it was so fast! I don't swear but I wanted to curse like a sailor after the fifth time my machine jammed up...grrr! Here are a few tutorials that taught me how to shirr HERE and a cute dress made with shirring HERE. I want to make a fun summer dress next.

Here's McKinley modeling as we were planting my father-in-law's garden. We planted ours too and I'm so excited because last year we planted a garden and it all died when Kinley was born so we didn't get to enjoy it. I can't wait for homemade salsa with garden fresh tomatoes, yummy!

I've lost my camera and a lot of these pictures are from my cell phone, I'm sure you can tell which ones. I didn't realize how much I use my camera until I lost it. It's making me crazy! Here's another little creation I made, this necklace. It's a little funky and kind of different but I like it.

It only took like 20 minutes and I made it from some scrap fabric, ribbon these big chunky plastic beads that I got for $3.00 and there is enough to make 6 or 7 necklaces so it's pretty cheap too. THIS is the tutorial I saw but her's are bracelets. I love the lace one she made.

I made this little ball for McKinley a while back and it was one of her favorite toys for months because it is  just the perfect size for babies to pick up and shake. I added a jingle bell to the middle so it rattles.

And here is a picture of it in action. THIS is the tutorial I used.

Another thing I made with some scraps leftover from Kinley's crib bedding and baby blanket are baby bibs. You can piece together the tiniest scraps until you have enough for a bib. You can trace around a bib that you like for a pattern or if you need a pattern HERE is a tutorial with a pattern included.

I've already moved onto "serious" bibs as my sister would call them. You know the ones where they're plastic and cover the entire chest and have a pocket to catch all the food because one of Kinley's favorite things to do when she eats is spit the food back out!

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These are precious!!!!

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