Friday, September 10, 2010

Black Apple Doll

I made this doll for my niece's third birthday.  There is a how-to video, tutorial and pattern available on Martha Stewart; you can find it HERE.  By the way, she's not wearing a belly shirt, ha ha!  The middle fabric is actually pink but from this picture it looks like she has on a two piece. 

These dolls come together really quick and can be made entirely out of scrap fabric.  If you make them, make sure you notice that there is not a seem allowance for the arms and legs so you sew right on the line otherwise you are going to end up with some skinny, little stick arms!  Another tip, I used a fine-point permanent marker for the face instead of painting it on and a colored pencil to make rosy cheeks and it seemed to work just fine!
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Lindy said...

This doll is adorable. I have grandtwins who would love this baby. Well, two babies. I see you're new and your blog is so cute so I am your newest follower...
Good luck.

Janell said...

I think we share a craft mind! I have had this saved in my "crafts" file forever and came across it again last week! I was thinking this would be the perfect doll for my first little girl! Can't WAIT to try it out! :) LOVE YOURS! The pigtails were a GREAT touch!

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