Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Card Swap

I am in a card swap with a couple of friends.  Every month we pick a theme for a card and then we rotate houses and get together and eat good food and swap cards.  Basically it's just an excuse to get together.

  Here are a few random pictures of cards I've made lately.  Before I ever had this blog (which if you haven't noticed wasn't long ago) I still took pictures of just about everything I made to send to my mom and sister who live hours away.  We still craft "together" even though we don't live close.

I don't really do anything fancy because I am cheap and don't like paying for stamps!  I usually just use things I already have like little scraps of felt and ribbon and then I pick something to match from my massive paper supply.

I also like to find cute free fonts online.  My favorite free font website is  You can find lots of good stuff on there. also has a bunch.  Happy crafting!


Brandy said...

these are great. A card swap is a neat and fun idea, I've never heard of it before. Thanks for sharing this!!!

Maxabella said...

What a great idea - any excuse to get together is a good one, really.

I was just thinking that your face looks familiar in your photo and I'm thinking you may have another blog too? Just a thought. x

Melissa said...

Your cards are so cute! I love the card swap idea...that sounds fun. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I appreciate it...your mom sounds like my kind of cook by the way!
I'm your newest follower!

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